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Between 8 May and 15 June 2019, The Community Reading Room presents Black Tourmaline -  a space to consider the inclusivity of our education system, problematise ‘resilience’ narratives and contemplate how our institutions of knowledge privilege particular ways of knowing and being.

Over six weeks Laniyuk, Negro Speaks of Books, Mary Quinsacara, Blk School, Beaziyt Worcou and Torika Bolatagici have curated a program of events and installations including panel discussions and workshops for focused reflection on how Black, Indigenous and people of colour experience mainstream education in an ‘Australian’ context with an emphasis on healing, self-determination, dreaming and visioning.

Transforming the ‘passive’ library into a participatory project, the artists invite the public to create an archive of lived experiences by contributing anonymous written reflections of their own education.

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The Community Reading Room (CRR) is a pop-up destination for research, community discussion and engagement with ideas about art, culture and identity. Established by Torika Bolatagici in 2013, the CRR is an experimental discursive project that invites people to consider the inclusivity of public spaces and to contemplate how our institutions of knowledge privilege particular methodologies and ways of knowing.Each iteration of the CRR evolves from the previous installation and responds to the space in which it is located. The CRR has been presented at Colour Box Studio (2013); Footscray Community Arts Centre (2014) Testing Grounds (2017) and Arts House (2017).

Black Tourmaline is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and the Carstairs Prize, funded by a private donor and administered by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA). #navagrants

Top: from the series Seeking comfort in an uncomfortable chair (after Munari) - by Torika Bolatagici.
Bottom: program design by Beaziyt Worcou with photos by Torika Bolatagici.